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 If you are looking for something the old Candle & Gift Factory Outlet had...we are going back and recreating as much as possible. As we move along I’ll be posting new items, new scents and new features. Please contact us and let me know how we’re doing. Your feedback helps make CandleOutlet.com the best hand-made candle company around!
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Sugar Molds

Originally used to form liquid sugar into cones knows as “pilloncillo”, these sugar molds make a great old world candle statement. We’ve reproduced these and the glass inserts to make one of the most creative candle displays around. In a variety of 3, 4 and 6 candle displays they make a wonderful window or table top display. To complete this cordial little set we include our own handmade iron stand in coordinating sizes. Available in both brown and red to match any décor, all you need to do after picking your stand is choose from a selection of custom scented candle inserts. Inserts are sold in sets of 6. You may want to order two sets of candle inserts if you’ve chosen a 4-candle sugar mold stand.

 Products (Total Items: 3)
4 Votive Sugar Mold - Brown (includes glass)
4 Votive Sugar Mold - Brown (includes glass)
Your Price: $49.95
6 Votive Sugar Mold - Brown (includes glass)
6 Votive Sugar Mold - Brown (includes glass)
Your Price: $74.95
Sugar Mold Candle Inserts - Set of 6
Sugar Mold Candle Inserts - Set of 6
Your Price: $11.45

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